Joint Public Issues Team (Yorkshire)

About the Joint Public Issues TeamThe Joint Public Issues Team (Yorkshire) is a northern offshoot of national JPIT and is sponsored by the regional bodies of the Baptist, Methodist and United Reformed churches.

The Joint Public Issues Team (Yorkshire) aims to:

  • Energise and affirm local churches as they live out the gospel of Christ in society.
  • Promote equality and justice by influencing those in power.
  • Promote the importance of Christian engagement with public issues.
  • Provide resources and support for those active in public issues in local churches.
  • Campaign using resources provided by JPIT nationally.
  • Foster debate and discussion among civic bodies in the region.
  • Respond to national, regional and local political consultations.
  • Provide briefings on current issues of public concern.
JPIT (Yorkshire) launch event in Leeds
JPIT (Yorkshire) launch event in Leeds

Each of our denominations regards social justice as critically important to our Christian mission. Jesus calls disciples towards a world where God’s values overturn the power structures that often dominate society. In God’s world, the poor, the lost and the marginalised find their rightful place in a society of equals – all people are children of God and brothers and sisters to one another.

We seek therefore to present a Christian challenge to civic and national authorities over policies that disproportionately harm the poorest in Yorkshire’s villages, towns and cities. We also seek to highlight those inequalities that adversely affect Yorkshire compared with more affluent parts of the United Kingdom.

Prayer and Bible study sustain the Church’s prophetic voice around public issues, so we endeavour to identify and make available resources that may be used in worship and for small group work.

Ecumenical partnership is a vital component in our work. We believe that our voice as Christians is stronger when we agree and speak together. While three denominations coordinate our work regionally, we are keen to encourage and support local JPIT groups that draw together the experience and expertise of all Christians who have an interest in public issues.

For more information about our work, please see our website or Facebook page.

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Yorkshire West District Office

Touchstone, 4 Easby Road, Bradford, BD7 1QX
Phone: 01274 442670 (Monday to Friday)
Our usual office hours are 10am to 2pm 


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