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The District Office has several publications available for purchase:


So What's the Story...? Barbara Glasson and Clive Marsh
Life is an intricate tapestry of stories. Stories help us better to understand the world around us, our relationships with other people, and even ourselves. We use them in our daily life and work; churches and other communities use them to build from within and to reach out to others; and stories enrich our knowledge of God and help us grow in faith. What can we learn from other people's stories? How can we better express our own story, and hold it alongside the stories of God? How can a deep engagement with all these stories be helpful to our life and witness, and on what occasions can they be unhelpful? This inspiring new book explores these questions, and can be studied privately or in groups. Each chapter includes points for reflection, points for connection, and a suggested prayer.
£5.00 (£6.75 including postage and packing)

In Sadness and Joy: District Prayer Handbook 2022-23
A collection of contributions offering a subject of sadness or of joy from each circuit across our District.
£1.50 (£2.50 including postage and packing)

Take This Moment: Prayers Before Worship
£1.00 (£2.00 including postage and packing)

To purchase any of the above publications by cheque or BACS, please call the District Office on 01274 442 670 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Everyday Sacrament
"Room to be people" is a practical and artistic necessity. That is very much the theme and emphasis of this beautiful collection of meditations and images curated by Shaeron Caton Rose, and commissioned by Leeds Sanctuary. Whether we regard ourselves as religious or not, we human beings continually need to find spaces in which to flourish, reflect and share. That realisation came to many of us as never before during the Covid-19 lockdowns.

Our planet also faces unprecedented challenges requiring us to reconnect with the earth, with different cultures, and with neighbours near and far. "Everyday Sacrament" is a powerful invocation of the common tasks of creating, repairing, resting and hoping. Through its signs, symbols and senses we are invited to discover fresh possibilities approaching us through the darkness... and into a renewing light.

Purchase for £7.50 here.

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