Property Pointers from the Yorkshire West Methodist District Property Consents Panel

Property Consents Website
Before commencing a property project, please click here to read a guide which will indicate if it needs to go through the Consents process.

Cross Hills Graveyard
Please click here to read a summary paper detailing the Managing Trustees' experience with the graveyards at Greetland and Lindwell when the new church was built.

VAT or Reduced VAT on Building Works - That is the question
A number of recent projects uploaded onto the Property Consents website have raised an interesting issue regarding when, and at what rate, VAT applies on building works. We provide you with a few pointers to assist you:

1. A new-build property project should be zero-rated for VAT.

2. Even though a building project may be zero-rated, professional fees paid directly to a design team have to be paid with the addition of standard rate VAT, unless the professional team are novated to the contractor under a design and build contract.

3. Most upgrade works which improve the energy efficiency of a property should have VAT applied at a reduced VAT rate of 5%. This could include the application of insulation to a roof void or insulation lining systems within a building, the introduction of enhanced heating controls to zone a building, or replacement of single glazed timber windows with double glazing.

4. For most disability related upgrades, including ramps, disabled toilets, door widening etc, a reduced VAT rate of 0% should apply.

In all of the above, it is essential that the Managing Trustees gain proper advice in relation to VAT. A VAT Exemption or Partial Exemption Certificate needs to be issued to the contractor for any of the above; the contractor then invoices the reduced rate VAT.

Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII)
It is very important that when Managing Trustees engage building professionals, they check to ensure those professionals maintain PII and that they maintain a proper level of insurance. The level of PII cover is inserted on the Property Consents website. The general consensus at a recent meeting of the Consents Panel was that a minimum level of PII cover of retained building professionals should be £1million.

Manse Purchases - Stamp Duty
Managing Trustees are reminded to ensure that their solicitor/conveyancer is made aware that when Circuits purchase new manses the transaction is exempt from stamp duty.

Consents Website and Uploading Documents
Until such time as we are able to upload documents such as plans, qualified surveyor reports etc onto the Property Consents website it would be very helpful if Planning Permission references could be put into the scheme details as a hyperlink.

Garden Maintenance in Manses
For some guidelines about garden maintenance in relation to manses please click here.

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