Continuing Development in Ministry (CDiM)

The CDiM scheme provides funding each connexional year to support the continuing development of presbyters and deacons stationed in the District. Ministers are encouraged to spend five days per year on activities to support and develop their ministry. Each minister can claim up to £250 per connexional year from the CDiM fund towards the costs of this development activity. To make a claim for CDiM support ministers should complete a CDiM Claim Form and forward it to the District Office.

Details of some of the ways that ministers have used their CDiM grants are included on this page, together with links to providers and places that have been used by ministers within the District.

Academic Grants for Ministers

In addition to the annual CDiM grant, ministers can also apply for financial support towards academic study. Support will be considered for study that will make a significant contribution to a person's ministerial development and ministry within the Methodist Church. Support will be considered for substantial long term part time courses, with grants towards the registration and tuition fees of approved courses. A limited number of Connexional academic grants are also available through a separate application process. Ministers thinking of starting an academic course for which they may need an academic grant should discuss this with the District Chair as early as possible.

Higher education institutions whose courses have been studied by ministers within the district include:


Many ministers use part of their CDiM grants for personal retreats. The flexibility of the CDiM scheme means that ministers can choose the type of retreat that best suits their needs, from organised to self-led retreats, in dedicated retreat centres or individually chosen venues, with others or alone. Details of some of the retreat venues used by ministers within the District can be found below:


There are many organisations offering courses that could be of interest to ministers, allowing you to pursue specific interests or meet particular learning needs. Below you will find details of some of the organisations whose courses have been attended by ministers within the District.


Conferences and festivals offer the opportunity to meet with a larger group of people interested in the same topic and hear from experts. Any one-off conferences we hear about will be included on the 'Events' page of the website, but below you will find details of regular conferences that ministers in the District have attended.

Other Activities

The CDiM scheme gives ministers the freedom to choose activities that are just right for them. This can lead to some very interesting and imaginative experiences, such as sports coaching courses, pilgrimages, photography training to name a few. Groups of ministers can also choose to pool their CDiM grants to organise activities they then share, such as team development days or organising a bespoke training event. We will include details here of those activities used by ministers that don't fit into the categories above.