What is a Community of Practice?

A Community of Practice is a gathering for a group of people with something in common to provide an opportunity to share with and learn from others - in this case for anyone who is a lay employee at church, circuit or District level in the Yorkshire West District.

Anyone who is a Lay Employee? That is a really wide area to cover. How can you possibly offer something for everyone?

We provide a common place and time for people to gather together, either in person (twice a year) or on Zoom to build a network with each other. As part of that time we offer the opportunity of breakout rooms so that people working in similar areas of work can gather together and share more specific experiences. We also take part in Regional Communities of Practice events in partnership with the Yorkshire Plus Learning Network and the Lay Employees from the Yorkshire North & East and Sheffield Districts.

I only work part time.

That's absolutely fine. If you have any number of hours of paid employment within the Methodist Church you are welcome to join us. Part of the continuation of the Zoom sessions is to make it more accessible to a wider range of people without the need for travel and to reduce the number of hours employees have to find to join us.

How do I know when you are meeting?

Our gatherings, and any training dates that we have been provided with by the Learning Network, are included in our calendar of events.


These gatherings are convened by Laura Tunnacliffe, District Youth Coordinator & Assistant District Safeguarding Officer (click here for contact details)


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